Technology Meets Design, Installation Meets Sustainability

“These days, with tougher competition and the loss of purchasing power, visually appealing and easy-to-install lighting systems make a real difference,” explains ELEKTRA Managing Director Boris Niessing. For this reason, the LED experts from Enger, North Rhine-Westphalia, combined high-quality technology with a sophisticated design in the new LD 8228 surface-mounted light. The result is a glare-free and powerful low-profile light in a smart ring shape – but both installers and retail customers are also impressed by the light’s other plus points, such as easy installation and reduced process costs.

Simple Installation – Less Material Needed
“Until now, users installing ring lights had to mill or screw into the wood and drill holes for the wiring,” says Henrik Bültmann, the Head of Development and Construction at ELEKTRA responsible for product development and technology. “We wanted to optimize this process for the customer, so we designed a self-adhesive solution with a flat cable connection.” The light and the cable can be easily mounted, retrofitted, and removed without leaving any residue. Furniture remains undamaged during both installation and later removal. Bültmann is particularly proud of the flat cable electrification: “Our solution is based on a LED tape. It makes handling much easier for the customer and significantly reduces the effort involved in installation.” Thanks to its minimal height, the cable is almost invisible. It is available in white or black.

Less can mean more! During the production of the ring light, the LED specialists combined efficiency with sustainability. They produce the COB (Chip on Board) LEDs as ring segments with four pieces per light, ensuring the most efficient “less-waste” approach possible. This intelligent planning was rewarded with the Interzum Award 2023 in the sustainability category – since conventional spotlights with a diameter of 78 millimeters require twice as much material.

Creative Partner

ELEKTRA focuses on discreet electrification and sustainable, innovative light design. “Our goal is to be a development partner for the industry,” explains Bültmann. “That’s why we developed a completely different approach to manufacturing the conventional recessed light.” This creative effort has also paid off – for example, ELEKTRA came up with the idea of angling the cover of the ring light inward to achieve glare-free illumination.

The LD 8228 operates at 24 volts and is available with different dimmable light colors ranging from 2,700 to 6,400 Kelvin MIX, 3,000 and 4,000 Kelvin. The configurable connection is also flexible, since various plug connections can be soldered onto the FlexPCBs. “Our products are all ‘Designed and Engineered in Germany’ – and we test each lighting product groups individually in our Light Test Center,” says Boris Niessing. Most of the ELEKTRA systems are UL-certified, making them suitable for the American market. “In the US, it is mainly kitchen and home furniture manufacturers who are really interested in our smart lighting solutions,” adds the Managing Director.

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