World map with marked ELEKTRA and EIC facilities in Enger, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Nanjing and Qingdao

Production sites
ELEKTRA Gesellschaft für elektrotechnische Geräte mbH

ELEKTRA GmbH is a subsidiary of EHLEBRACHT Holding AG and is based at the head quarter of the company group in Enger, OWL. ELEKTRA currently employs around 100 employees under the management of Matthias Delius.

ELEKTRA has been developing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality
ready-to-connect lamps and lighting systems, and also products
for OEM customers. By focussed and foresighted activities concerning innovations, technology and ecology ELEKTRA is setting benchmarks "Made in Germany".

Buyers in more than 55 countries appreciate the design, innovative capacity, functionality, quality and safety of the products. Successful companies in the furniture, household appliances and lighting sectors trust in the quality solutions from ELEKTRA, as our most compelling argument is the opportunity to combine electrical technology and plastics processing from a single source.

Founded: 1979
Employees: ca. 100
Managing director: M. Delius

ELEKTRA Industrial China Co., Ltd.

ELEKTRA Industrial China Co., Ltd. (EIC) has four production sites. The EIC main plant is in south China in Shenzhen, near Hong Kong. Further sites are located in the east of China in Suzhou and Nanjing, an important economic area near Shanghai, as well as in the north Chinese harbour town of Qingdao.

In Shenzhen, alongside the plastics manufacturing with over 30 injection moulding machines and an assembly area, there is also a powerful toolmaking facility. Tools are developed there and manufactured with modern CNC-controlled automatic metal machining tools. In the assembly area, both plastic and electronic components are assembled as saleable products.

At the EIC site in Suzhou, production is likewise implemented with more than 30 injection moulding machines. The focal point here is plastic parts for "white goods" products. The vast majority of components are transported to Nanjing where the washing machines / door assemblies are assembled and delivered Just-in-time on-site as complete modules to the major customer's assembly line. The factory in Suzhou has a toolmaking facility whose range of services are currently being expanded to include the manufacturing of new tools.

Founded: 2004
Employees: ca. 700
Managing director: D. Wang
Executive Director: M. Delius

Entrance of ELEKTRA in Enger and headquarters of the EHLEBRACHT-Group Luminaire production in Enger, two ELEKTRA employees under discussion Building of  ELEKTRA in Shenzhen, China