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Adding value
Project management

ELEKTRA will appoint a reliable contact partner for you for your project to accompany you through to serial maturity and who will take responsibility for the respective project. There are different project teams, depending the type of project, in the individual sites for this. The transfer for the direct execution of the serial production business will only occur after serial release.

Example of typical project flow (plastics technology sector):


Our principle

ELEKTRA delivers individual and process-oriented products and services that are economically attractive and high quality. We combine excellent service, high quality and diverse product ranges and a spirit of innovation to form an impressive whole, the well-proven ELEKTRA quality.

We are strong in innovation and flexibility. The application of current technology to achieve a level of quality to suit both customers and the market and the continuous qualification of our employees allow us to undertake our customers' tasks competently and reliably in the future too.

The results that we achieve for you, relate to both the complete systems and the functional and qualitative requirements on the individual system components.

Cooperation requires trust. With our competence, experience and service orientation, we provide you with three good reasons for a trusting partnership.

Diagram illustrating ELEKTRA model of processing, project management and production