Close-up picture of components for assembly manufacturing

Assembly manufacturing
ELEKTRA as OEM and system supplier

As assembly manufacturer for industrial components, ELEKTRA offers their customers real added value as we combine assembly manufacturing and assembly installation into a single step in your value adding chain.

At ELEKTRA, assemblies with different system components require only to run through a manufacturing station as plastic parts and electronics are delivered as complete, functionally capable assemblies.

The crucial advantage

As part of the EHLEBRACHT group, ELEKTRA works hand in hand together with the area of plastic manufacturing and so we have the facility to deliver both system assemblies as well as saleable products. Whether individual station assembly or line assembly: The static process control (SPC) enables us to carry out fully automated final checking of all functions. This enables us to guarantee the proven ELEKTRA quality to our industrial customers.

Injection mold machinery in China Working space for the production of luminaires Close-up picture of assembled device combining plastic and electronical parts