EHLEBRACHT AG – Building of facility in Enger, Germany


EHLEBRACHT Holding AG is a public limited company based in East Westphalian Enger. As holding company of the EHLEBRACHT group, it owns all one hundred percent of all group subsidiaries in Germany, Slovakia and China. It concentrates on the strategic alignment of the group and the business sector. The financial systems with financial accounting, controlling and payroll accounting for the German group companies, the information and data processing as well as employee management for the European companies are also centralised in EHLEBRACHT AG.

Founded: 1989
Management board: B. Brinkmann


EHLEBRACHT GmbH + Co. KG produces various plastic components in the EHLEBRACHT site in Enger. As system supplier for technical articles and assemblies, EHLEBRACHT in Enger delivers plastic technology to the household appliances, automotive suppliers and furniture industries. Challenging parts made from two different plastic materials are also produced in the injection moulding production facility alongside the classical single-component manufacturing. New tools are conceived and constructed in toolmaking and existing tools are serviced and optimised.

Founded: 1983
Managing director: D. Basler


EHLEBRACHT Berlin GmbH + Co. KG is based in the south of Berlin and has specialised in the plastics technology used for parts in the large household appliances ("white goods") sector. In particular, washing machine doors with "bull's-eyes" and other components made from plastic granulate are injection moulded and built up into complete assemblies. The customers also include the automotive suppliers sector. EHLEBRACHT Berlin manufactures headlamp housings for a great variety of different types of vehicle for the automotive suppliers. Finishing processes such as painting or galvanising of plastic parts expand the range of services beyond the actual plastic injection moulding process. EHLEBRACHT Berlin has a toolmaking facility for servicing and repairing tooling for plastic injection moulding.

Founded: 1988
Managing director: D. Haist

EHLEBRACHT Slowakei s.r.o.

EHLEBRACHT Slowakei s.r.o. is based in Michalovce in the east of Slovakia is a specialist in multi-component technology in plastics engineering. The power tools industry is one of the largest customers. EHLEBRACHT Slowakei produces numerous types of housings for drills, rechargeable electric screwdrivers and jigsaws. The associated power tool carry-cases are also manufactured for these tools. EHLEBRACHT Slowakei produces in the immediate vicinity of one of the major customers in eastern Europe. This enables delivery of the plastic parts directly to the customer's manufacturing lines. Injection moulding tools are serviced in the toolmaking department.

Founded: 1995
Managing director: S. Hanke

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EHLEBRACHT Enger: Robot producing plastic parts Picture of the booth of EHLEBRACHT plastics technology at FAKUMA-Fair Production hall of EHLEBRACHT Slowakia