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We will keep you up-to-date about the current affairs in the furniture and lighting sectors!

Enger, 30.05.2017

Interzum fair presentation – a raving success!

Consistent with the whole exhibition ELEKTRA as well registered an immense increase of visitors with great interest in lighting news and technical innovations.

Enger, 13.03.2017

Effective lighting scenarios with LED

ELEKTRA at EuroShop 2017 | VIDEO

LEDs save energy costs and put everything into the right light. Right illumination is constantly getting more important in retail. Design, architecture and products generate a striking shop scenarios which have to be highlighted with reliable and resilient lighting technology. ELEKTRA is offering the exact solutions for illumination and electrification for shopfitting, shelves and displays.

Enger, 31.01.2017

Light Accepts No Maybe

Invitation to EuroShop

Design, products, architecture – even best ideas remain without effect, when they are not put in the spotlight. And even most striking illumination staging fails, when reliable functions and capacities are missing. ELEKTRA offers the exact solutions.

Come and see in hall 9 booth E11!

Enger, 01.04.2016

ELEKTRA is „EnabLED“ Licensee

Starting with the beginning of 2016, ELEKTRA became official licensee of Philips. The company hereby highlights the philosophy of not only acknowledging Intellectual Property Rights but honoring them monetarily.

Enger, 12.12.2014

Carl Götz customer magazine: Light in furniture making & shopfitting

Michael Flögel on lighting design in shopfitting

Lighting design is becoming ever more important in modern interior design and in shopfitting. Our sales manager for light systems in property, shops and interior design, Michael Flögel, explains in this interview with the Carl Götz customer magazine - how to create accents with lights and where it makes sense to use LED lighting.

Enger, 08.12.2014

Mega-trend LED: Vibrant & flexible shop lighting

EuroShop interview with Michael Flögel

On 18.11.2014 the official website for EuroShop published an interview on the subject of shop lighting with our sales manager (property, shop and interior design), Michael Flögel.