Matthias Delius

Matthias Delius appointed as member of the Managing Board of EHLEBRACHT Holding AG

The Supervisory Board of EHLEBRACHT Holding AG, headquartered in Enger, East Westphalia, has decided to expand the EHLEBRACHT Holding AG Executive Board to two members. With effect from 1 April 2020, Matthias Delius has been appointed as a further member of the Board of Management, in addition to Bernd Brinkmann, who has been in office since 2004 and is also the future CEO.

With the appointment of Matthias Delius as a member of the Managing Board, the Supervisory Board is underpinning the continuity-driven management of the EHLEBRACHT Group and its Group companies. Matthias Delius, now 52 years old, has been active in the EHLEBRACHT Group for more than 20 years at the Group company ELEKTRA in Enger. In 2010, he was appointed Managing Director of ELEKTRA and one year later, after the retirement of Hans-Jürgen Holz, who had been Managing Director and Member of the Board for many years, he took over the sole management of ELEKTRA. In addition, Matthias Delius was instrumental in initiating the establishment of the current Group company ELEKTRA Industrial China following the decision of the Board members Bernd Brinkmann and Hans-Jürgen Holz in 2003 to set up a production facility in China. Today ELEKTRA Industrial China has four production and assembly sites in China.
Within the framework of the desired continuity in the management of the group of companies, Matthias Delius will continue to be a member of the management of ELEKTRA Gesellschaft für elektrotechnische Geräte mbH. Together with Boris Niessing, who is responsible for marketing and sales as Managing Director, he will manage the business at ELEKTRA. He will also continue to chair the Board of Directors of the Chinese Group company ELEKTRA Industrial China Co, Ltd. and will continue to develop the business in China, which is important for the EHLEBRACHT Group, in close cooperation with David Wang, who has also been active there for many years.

Bernd Brinkmann as CEO and Matthias Delius as the new CEO of EHLEBRACHT Holding AG are jointly responsible for the business of the entire EHLEBRACHT Group and thus all Group companies. The EHLEBRACHT Group is active in the Plastics Technology and Lighting and Functional Technology business areas. The Group is internationally oriented and employs 1,400 people worldwide.

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