JUNIC Current Conductor System 2.0

24 V

Good light – better business!

ELEKTRA JUNIC System – the variable power supply at the POS. For professionell illumination of sales shelves and product racks. JUNIC current conductor system scores with technical know-how, versatility and easy installation. Professionell, tool-free and clever!

  • thermo plastic profiles of PVC/V0 with prefabricated copper conductors
  • lengths up to 3000mm max. (cuttable to length)
  • compensation of material thickness for rectangular tubes of 1.5-2.5mm by flexible distance areas
  • safe positioning even with welds isnide the tubes
  • separat accessories : Feeders and current collectors for all common applications, shelves and shelving systems

electrical specifications

  • Voltage max. 50V
  • Amperage 6A
  • Wattage at 24V – 144W per track (depending on driver)

System advantages

  • only two different types of tracks and one compensation profile for all rectangular tubes of 30 x 60, 30 x 80 and 30 x 110mm
  • one-sided or double-sided power supply for wall or gondola shelves
  • secure contacting by spring contacts on both sides
  • various current collectors for shelf brackets and consoles
  • future-proof: possibility of installing digital data rails
  • easy to insert, low labour input, perfect for new installations and retrofits


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JUNIC Current Conductor System 2.0


    JUNIC 2.0