Micro current conductor system

Mounted system 12 V | 24 V

With this flat current conductor profile, you can retrofit shelves, furniture, merchandise gondolas, etc. very easily. In short: the solution for cost-effective electrification wherever light is needed to promote sales. Thanks to the easy installation by an adhesive fixing the mounted electrical track system can be placed at every desired place, so that you are flexible with the application of lights. With the lights which are mounted directly in the electrical track you have the possibility to shift this in the track freely.

  • material: plastic
  • conductor rail profile available in different lengths including end cap
  • built up height only 6mm, width 20mm
  • operating current 6A
  • power at 12V max. 72W, power at 24V max. 144W

  • easy to retrofit; mounting with adhesive or magnetic tape

  • feeder and current collector can be flexibly positioned in the current conductor profile
  • feeder with 1000mm cable and 12V/24V mini plug WxHxD: 30x12x20mm

  • Current collector with 95mm cable and 12V/24V mini jack W 30mm | H 12mm | D 20mm

  • for lights of protection class III

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Micro current conductor system


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