LD 8003 K-72 | -122

Recessed LED light | 24 V

Safe, bright and decorative.

On the basis of the linear profile luminaire LD 8003 K, new variants have been developed as stair or plinth lighting. The light is emitted at an angle of 25° to illuminate running surfaces, steps or critical areas. Many other applications are conceivable, e.g. as plinth lighting in the kitchen, as night lighting in the bedroom or as stylish accent lighting. The lights can be controlled according to your choice: via remote control, motion detector orconventional wall switch.

  • 24V
  • 0,8W = length 72mm
  • 1,6W = length 122mm
  • connection variants:
  1. ESP connection for control with motion detector
  2. mini plug system green
  • aluminium housing:
  1. natural anodized
  2. black anodized
  • dimmable (depending on driver)
  • installation depth 16,3mm
  • push-fit installation
  • protection class III
  • IP 20

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