Details regarding disposal

Disposal of disused lamps (LED and CFL), luminaires and other electronic devices

In compliance with the relevant EU guidelines, national authorities provide recycling centres for easy and convenient disposal of old or broken lamps, luminaires and electronic devices.

Disused LED lamps, CFL, luminaires and control gears contain electronic components and therefore have to be disposed according to the national legal guidelines (in Germany: ElektroG) to maintain valuable components for recycling and re-use. Small amounts of hazardous parts can also be removed adequately.

Recycling Centres
Normal household amounts of disused electronic products are taken back at small quantity collecting points.
Additional to the local community recycling centres, retail sales or other suppliers are also taking them back for recycling.

Please ask for information at your local community or at your retailer where your next recycling centre or collecting point is located.

Disposal of batteries

As we are selling batteries and devices containing batteries, we are obliged to inform you about the following according to the German guidelines of the Batteriegesetz (BattG):

Batteries shall not be disposed of in normal household waste, but shall be returned according to legal guidelines. Old batteries contain hazardous components which may be harmful to the environment or to health when stored or disposed of improperly. Batteries also contain important raw materials like iron, zinc, manganese or nickel which can be recycled and re-used. You may return used batteries to us (ELEKTRA GmbH, Werkstr. 7, 32130 Enger) or to local recycling centres or retailers in your adjacencies.

The symbol of the crossed out waste container shows that batteries shall not be disposed of in normal household waste.

Below this symbol the following signs may be shown for more details:
Pb: Battery contains plumb
Cd: Battery contains cadmium
Hg: Battery contains mercury