Glass shelf for kitchen furniture illuminated by ELEKTRA fluorescent light

Fluorescent lighting
Modern lighting technology with efficiency

Fluorescent lamps are the optimum lighting solution for large areas that require particularly bright illumination. They provide an even light output over a large area - particularly important for work in industrial environments for example.

Fluorescent lights from ELEKTRA meet the demands of modern lighting technology and high energy efficiency as an environmentally aware and cost-saving lighting solution. The light output and service life are significantly higher when compared to incandescent lamps. Whilst a conventional incandescent lamp achieves approx. 14 lm/W (this represents a conversion of approx. 5% of the electrical energy into light), the T5 fluorescent lamps from ELEKTRA achieve a full 100 lm/W. Alongside our T5 lamps for the most diverse of applications, you can also find the GX53 lamps, which are available in different designs.