Integrated illumination for shelves LD 8015

Linear LED systems
Innovative technology for modern lighting

The new generation of light emitting diodes is not only particularly well suited to effect lighting but is also versatile as a high-efficiency light source and can be used for challenging lighting tasks. The pleasant LED light is available in different light colours (warm white, cool white, daylight white) and alongside very homogenous illumination, also offers the best colour rendering values.

The use of LED lighting combines many advantages and is particularly compelling in this age of energy transition due to their low power consumption and long service life. LEDs are not only free of any substances that are hazardous to health, but also enable a high light output and simple disposal as, in contrast to conventional energy saving lamps, they are not classed as special waste. As design elements, LED lighting systems play a particularly important role as they can be employed as downlighters or as recessed spotlights for indirect lighting or as furniture lights. Dimmable LED systems can adapt the light to suit the respective atmosphere and appropriate control devices also enable additional lighting effects. Many LED linear lights from ELEKTRA can be adapted to seamless light strips without any visible dark zones.

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